Ultra Versatile Inline Solutions

A FG 4XL EC can be whatever you need it to be. In this scenario, the contractor is using this fan to boost this extra long duct run to the back bedroom. Thus, ensuring the conditioined air makes it through its long journey in this large home. 

The airflow can be easily adjusted via a built-in potentiometer. The additional timer can help build a schedule to let air into your space on demand. 

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FG 4XL EC Booster fan

This 4 inch duct fan allows you to boost up to 125 cfm of more air from your furnace or AC into the back bedroom or parlour on hot summer night or cold winter days.

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FDT7 7-Day Programmable Timer

Precise timing with flexibility of daily or weekly programming and ON/AUTO/OFF modes allows for deliveing a boost of air on demand.

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