No more crybaby onions

Not all food preparation happens on the stovetop where a powerful exhaust range hood is a must. Have you thought about adding a secondary exhaust solution to a food prep station? No more crybaby onions or smelly slow cookers.

A simple exhaust duct concealed in a wall or cabinet connected to an inline fan in the attic controls a plethora of food prep odors. The fan gets activated by pressing a push button timer for a desired time interval between 20 and 60 minutes. The fun just begins!

Ventilate. Easy. 

FG 4 Food Prep Exhaust Fan

This 4 inch duct fan allows you to exhaust food prep odors in minutes. Mounted in the attic, the fan becomes your invisible partner at keeping your kitchen fresh. 

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FD 60EM Countdown Timer

This countdown timer makes sure your food prep area gets the proper amount of ventilation at the time when you need it the most. 

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HS 4W Vent Louvers

Vent louvers only open when the food prep fan is in use. When closed, they prevent cold air from entering the home in winter, or air-conditioned air from leaving the home in summer.

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