Show some love to your home spa

What’s the point of a private oasis if you’re just going to get blasted by traditional ceiling-mount bath fan?

Your body aches. Your head is spinning from all the recent happenings. You haven't had a moment of peace all week between work and the kids. You seize the opportunity to take a deep soak and treat yourself, but... You flip that bath fan on and "RRRrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn!"

Don't let a loud bath fan ruin your well-deserved moments of peace.

Let Fantech show you their quietest solution for your best in-home spa experience.

Bathe. Easy.

CVS400A Multi-port bath fan

A multi-port fan works the best for home spas because you can address exhaust in the areas where it is needed the most: the shower, toilet and, of course, your Jacuzzi tub.

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MGE 4 Exhaust air diffuser

Exhaust diffuser for installation in ducts. Powder coated white, blends seamlessly into the ceiling. 

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HS6W Exhaust air louver

Vent louvers only open when the bathroom fan is in use. When closed, they prevent cold air from entering the home in winter, or air-conditioned air from leaving the home in summer. 

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