What is Wellness Value?

Assessing the Wellness Value of your home is a way to see how your home adds to your wellbeing. Sometimes wellness is associated with eating healthy, going to the gym, or nourishing your brain. But shaping your environment is just as important as shaping your body. Having windows that let in lots of natural daylight or a great water filtration system are some things that contribute to this. But Fantech believes the air you breathe is the most important quality of wellness your home can have.  

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Take the test! Assess your home's wellness value.

1. Walk into your utility room. Does your HVAC system connect to the outdoors in any way? If not, you are probably recirculating stale air. 
2. Does your kitchen or bathroom have an exhaust fan that connects to the outdoors through the roof or through the wall? If not, the humidity and odors associated with bathing and cooking are being sent back into your home.
3. When it’s cold outside, do your windows constantly collect condensation? If this is the case, your home may not have the ability to expel excess humidity. If humidity can’t escape, neither can VOCs or other harmful particulates.

If you can say yes to all three of these then you have an A. But if not, your Wellness Value could use a boost.
Fantech can help!

Filter Replacement Available

IAQ starts here. A dirty filter doesn't help your home's air quality one bit. Fantech offers convenient replacements at the following partners. 

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Single Family

How VOCs and SVOCs Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air you breathe in your home can be up to 70% more polluted than outdoor air? From cooking to pet dander, everyday activities and items can compromise the quality of your home’s air – and, ultimately, your health.

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Fresh air doesn’t come out of nowhere

Thanks to space-age technology, your home can keep inside in and outside out more efficiently than ever before. But locking the fresh air out is a bad idea. A fresh air appliance will allow you to bring it all in without sacrificing the energy your home worked so hard to produce.

Fresh air appliances or HRVs provide balanced whole house ventilation while recovering the energy during air exchange. These products are simple to install and maintain. A wide range of airflows can satisfy almost any project - from studio apartments to 5 bedroom residential homes. 

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