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ERV selections made easy

The ventilator that works perfectly for you.

If you are unsure which Fantech ERV product is right for your home, the product selection matrix is here to help you. This simple selection tool will help narrow down which Fantech product is best suited for your comfort needs. Please, choose the product that most closely matches your requirements. Click on the unit's name for details.

  CFM Range  Port  Low Voltage Defrost Recirculation Mounting type
 Model  Min  Max         W S C
SE 704N 22 56  H         •   
SER 150  65  145   H       •        •   
FIT®120E 31 106 H        
VER 100 35 130 V      
VER 150 50 159 V        
VER 200 65 175 V      
SER 200  80  185  H  •     
SER 260D 95 238 H      
SER 3204D  95  238 H     •       

Symbols: H - Horizontal; V - Vertical; W - Wall; S - Suspend; C - Closet