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A balanced diet requires balanced ventilation

Balanced ventilation for a residential kitchen

Today's homes are built to be more energy-efficient. "Tighter" construction resists the infiltration of outdoor air through the home's exterior, which limits the amount of makeup air the home will permit. Of course, you can only exhaust out from the home as much air as is able to come back in. Without makeup air, even a powerful exhaust fan can remove only as much air from the home as is permitted via infiltration.

When an exhaust fan operates without sufficient makeup air, some undesirable results can occur:

The exhaust system will not work to its intended capacity

Kitchen hood exhaust systems are sized to remove cooking-generated heat, odors and contaminants based on the cooking equipment's dimensions and heat rating. Inadequate makeup air can prevent a kitchen hood exhaust system from adequately removing contaminants.

Backdrafting of chimneys and appliance vents

Insufficient makeup air will result in depressurization in the home. Depressurization works to halt the flow of hearth and appliance combustion products from exiting the home. This "backdrafting"can result in a dangerous accumulation of harmful gases in the home. Studies have shown that as little as 5 Pa (0.02" w.g.) depressurization can cause backdrafting.

Non-compliance with the building code
The construction industry has long recognized the need for adequate makeup air for exhaust systems. Beginning in 2009 and in every version since, the International Residential Code (IRC) has required that makeup air be provided for kitchen hood exhaust systems with capacity of 400 cfm or greater. 
True Makeup air

Active Makeup Air Systems (MUAS) save your home from backdrafting caused by as little as 5Pa depressurization. Learn more.

Exhaust Air

Complement your kitchen hood liner with an exhaust inline fan to effortlessly keep the air clean while you cook. Learn more.