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Cover two bathrooms for the price of one by using a remotely located bathroom fan. This solution lets you hook up multiple exhaust outlets to a single fan for a premium, quiet, and more affordable bathroom experience. 

Multiple switches and sensors can be used on the fan so you don't have to compromise on any features in your build. In addition to customizable accessories, there are plenty of grille options to choose from to help ensure your bathroom is one of a kind. 

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PB 270-2 Bath fan w/grilles

Venting two ceiling mount bathroom exhaust fans through one roof duct won't work, sorry to say. Instead, you can install this inline fan in your attic, tie up to four locations via a Wye and make two of your bathrooms a quiet place.

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VT 20M Bath Fan Control

The VT20M controller enables the exhaust fan in the main bathroom to run at a pre-set speed for a pre-set portion of each hour, 24 hours a day. The auxiliary control VT20A installed in the secondary bathroom may override the speed if required.

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RC 6P Roof Cap

Venting through walls is often the easiest way for bathroom exhaust. But sometimes the exterior wall may not be as accessible as the roof. The roof cap RC 6P installed on a sloped roof is a good compromise.

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