Your kitchen might be choking under the pressure

Every time an exhaust fan removes air from your house, an equal volume of air must enter. The air that enters cracks in a home’s envelope to replace air that is exhausted is called makeup air.

Two existing building practices affecting makeup air are causing increasing problems for homeowners: homes are getting tighter, and trendy multiple burner stoves require more powerful range hoods to exhaust heat and moisture.

So where does a powerful range-hood get its makeup air? If your home doesn’t have enough random air leaks around windows, doors, and mudsills, the makeup air is often pulled backwards through water-heater flues or down wood-burning chimneys — a phenomenon called backdrafting. Since the flue gases of some combustion appliances can include carbon monoxide, backdrafting is dangerous.

Fantech’s makeup air system automatically replenishes lost air as needed to ensure your kitchen is happy and full even when the master chef is busy at work.

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