Quick Guide: Selecting the Right Bath Fan for Your Application

See how to find the most effective solutions for silent, fool-proof ventilation in every bathroom application.


Many builders and homeowners accept that foggy mirrors and noisy fans are just a fact of bathrooms. But does this have to be the case?

In reality, steamy bathrooms and loud operation reflect poor ventilation and can be completely avoided with the right solution in place. However, it is common practice to install the most basic bath fan that meets the minimum CFM requirements of the space without ever considering more effective options.

Builders and contractors can make a great impression on homeowners and prevent costly callbacks by making the right ventilation decisions from the start. See how to find the most effective solutions for silent, fool-proof ventilation in every bathroom application.

  • Powder Rooms & Single Bathrooms
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Spacious, Luxury Bathrooms
  • Commercial Spaces or Large, Multi-Bathroom Floor Plans

Finding the Right Solution for Common Bathroom Applications

Powder Rooms & Single Bathrooms

The last thing homeowners want in a powder room frequently used by guests is a large, clunky bath fan. A remote bath fan can be used in place of a traditional surface mount fan for premium design and silent operation. The fan motor is placed in a remote location, keeping noises at a distance. Remote bath fans offer the same stylish design and quiet operation for single bathrooms as well.
PB Remote Bath Fans for Single Bathroom

If installing the remote fan motor in the attic, basement or closet is difficult because of the home’s existing ductwork, remote exterior bath fans offer the option to exhaust straight out the side of the home through the exterior wall.

Another consideration when selecting a ventilation solution is the fan grille size. In small spaces, a fan with small, discrete grilles can provide effective ventilation that goes unnoticed. The PB remote mount bath fan offers sleeker sizing options at 7” (vs. standard 15-20”) that are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional solutions. 

Fantech PB bath fan grilles compared to Whisper GreenSelect and InVent Nutone by Broan

Two Bathrooms

Many builders and contractors believe that multiple bath fans are required to ventilate every bathroom in the home. However, a remote bath fan offers an innovative way to save time and money by venting two bathrooms with one fan.

PB Remote Bath Fans ventilate two bathrooms with one fan

Spacious, Luxury Bathrooms

In an expansive master bath, it’s going to take extra power to properly remove humidity and odors. Much like dual-bathroom applications, remote bath fans also offer a polished, powerful solution for spacious luxury bathrooms. 

Using a spot ventilation technique, small designer ceiling grilles can be positioned at high-humidity points such as showers, whirlpool tubs and steam showers to remove moisture at the source. Or, grilles can be installed in water closets to silently ventilate even the smallest spaces. 

One of the key advantages of using remote ventilation over a traditional ceiling mount fan is the powerful performance. These bath fans can pull significantly more air without increasing sound – an essential consideration in high-end bathrooms. Additionally, these fans overcome static pressure more efficiently, whereas surface mount fans lose momentum rather quickly. 

First-Floor Retrofits

In retrofit applications where existing ductwork or space constraints prevent the use of traditional inline fans, exterior-mounted inline fans can get the job done. 

The PBW Series looks exactly the same as the PB series inside of the bathroom – same sleek grille options, lighting capabilities and silent operation. The key difference is the motor location, positioned on the outside of the home. From the outside of the house, the motor looks like any exterior exhaust hood common on most homes.

PBW Exterior Mount Bath Fans

Another effective solution for applications constrained by space or ductwork is a high-performance ceiling mount fans like the PRO or PRO Plus. Both models are certified to the rigorous California Title 24 building energy code, featuring occupancy sensors for code-approved performance and efficiency. 

For smaller bathrooms, the base PRO model operates with low Sones at 80,100 and 150 CFM. If you’re looking for more customization, however, the PRO Plus model offers a selectable CFM range and ultra-quiet operation. Single bathrooms with both a shower and bathtub will also benefit from the Plus model’s automatic humidity sensors. 

Home Spas, Master Suites or Large Multi-Bathroom Floor Plans

When a space requires heavy-duty ventilation – any space with a CFM range from 275-400 – it’s time to bring in the CVS Series multi-port exhaust fan.

This solution features one central fan with up to four available ports, exhausting multiple bathrooms in one location. The CVS fan motor is specifically designed to fit in an attic or the space between floors in a multi-level home. 

Perfect for small commercial spaces, home spas, or homes with multiple bathrooms on one level, the CVS Series offers quiet yet powerful ventilation.

CVS Remote Bath Fans for Spacious Home Spas

Find Premium Bathroom Ventilation Solutions

Homeowners will never settle for anything less once they experience the advantages of premium bathroom ventilation. Use the new bath fan selector tool to discover a premium bath fan for your specific application and find a dealer near you

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