Top 5 Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Efficient Ventilation Year-Round

Ensure homes are getting the freshest air without running up energy bills using these five seasonal maintenance tips.


Selecting and installing the right fresh air appliance is only the first step to achieving efficient, effective ventilation. It’s what happens in the months following installation that matter, especially during the harsh winter months.

During the cold season, both heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) work hard to provide homes with fresh indoor air. They are designed to bring outdoor air into the home. However, poor maintenance can cause these appliances to not only be less effective but also less efficient.

Ensure homes are getting the freshest air without running up energy bills using these five seasonal maintenance tips:

1) Ensure Proper Installation from the Start

For HVAC contractors, the best way to ensure optimal performance of clients’ fresh air appliances is to carefully follow installation guidelines. An unbalanced system or improper sizing can cause the system to pull in too much air and operate inefficiently.

For proper installation of Fantech fresh air appliances, always refer to installation manuals, support materials and best practices from the pros.

2) Check the Air Filters

Regular cleaning of filters and vents is simple to do and can have a significant impact on home comfort and health of your fresh air appliance. However, many homeowners simply forget to check. As a result, fresh air filters get clogged up and reduce the amount of fresh air brought into the home.

Clogged vs. clean ERV/HRV air filters

3) Clean the HRV/ERV Core

Going one step further, regular core cleaning is also essential for optimal performance. The core is the powerhouse of the ERV/HRV system but, much like air filters, can get clogged up over time with outdoor contaminants.

Every six to eight months, pull out the core, vacuum it throroughly and place it back into the appliance. Watch here our HVAC pros demonstrate. 

4) Adjust the Control System

Is your fresh air appliance running at high speed all the time? A quick adjustment to the control system can vastly improve efficiency.

For example, Fantech’s ECO-Touch controlautomatically selects the best operating settings for your appliance based on the indoor and outdoor conditions. The intuitive screen displays ventilation movement and performance rates so you can easily check and adjust the system.

5) Consider Upgrading Your System

If your fresh air appliance is more than 10 years old, it may be time to replace it with an upgraded system. While regular maintenance can improve the longevity of your fresh air appliance, you may be sacrificing energy-efficiency and performance by holding onto your system for too long.

A prefiltered solution like the FML 6R filter hood can improve the performance of your fresh air appliance. Featuring a Riser Hood and MERV 10 Filter, this solution minimizes outdoor debris and positions the exhaust vent to stand above the ground level, allowing fresh air to enter under more circumstances.

Fantech FML 6R

Fantech offers a wide range of fresh air appliances, including our new HERO series designed for easy installation and efficient performance. If you think it’s time to upgrade your system, start by exploring our entire lineup of ERV/HRV solutions.

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