Why do we need ventilation in our homes?

Our homes generate both moisture and pollutants. The moisture comes showering, cooking, breathing. At excessive levels, moisture condenses on windows and walls and can cause structural deterioration. Areas of excessive moisture like bathrooms or spas are also breeding grounds for mold, mildew and bacteria.

In addition to excessive moisture and biological contaminants, appliances that utilize combustion have the potential for allowing gases, including carbon monoxide, and other pollutants to escape into the air. Some common sources may include gas ranges and water heaters, unvented space heaters, leaky chimneys and wood-burning appliances. Even breathing can add to the problem when carbon dioxide reaches excessive levels, creating stale air.

And that's not all that gets into the air. If your home is new, the very products it is made of can give off gases that are less than agreeable to your comfort and good health.

Thus, your home need to breathe. It should allow fresh air to come in, and stale air to leave your home forever.

Balanced ventilation is a good solution to increase the level of comfort at home. Our Fresh Air Appliances (HRVs) are experts at taking air full of unwanted impurities out and bringing fresh air in. Read more about differences between two different types of recovery products and browse our online catalog to find the product that addressed the most of your needs today.

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