RE-REC Roof ventilators

Exterior Roof/Wall Exhaust Fan

  • Suitable for curb (REC) or pitched-roof (RE) installations

  • Suitable for residential & light commercial applications

  • Thermal Overload Protection with automatic reset

  • Airstream temperatures of up to 140° F 

  • Long Motor Life 

High Temperature

Suitable for airstream temperatures of up to 140°F, making them resilient and reliable even in hot climates or applications with hot exhaust air.

Long Motor Life

The fans feature excellent heat dissipation properties, preventing excessive heat buildup within the fan unit and prolonging the motor's lifespan.

Built-in Thermal Protection

The fans' built-in thermal overload protection and automatic reset functionality provide a layer of safety and reliability.


RE/REC Series offers two versions: for installation on a curb (REC) and pitched roof or walls (RE). Suitable for all weather exposure.