Various controls for ease bathroom ventilation

FD 60 EM - 10/20/30/60 min timer

The timer switch for 10, 20, 30, and 60-minute timed operation of an exhaust fan. It provides convenient timed control of bathroom fan exhaust in residential and light commercial applications. It has soothing green LED locator lights and is available in white only. Fits a standard single gang box.

DHS 05 Humidity sensor and fan control

The sensor automatically detects excess humidity in a room and activates the ventilation fan to lessen the impact of condensation. Contemporary in design, the DHS05 is the ideal solution for controlling ventilation in areas of high humidity, dampness, or rooms prone to condensation and mildew such as bathrooms, home spas, basements, or laundry rooms.

FLD 60 Light/Fan switch

Designed as a replacement for the bathroom fan and light switch. By using a microprocessor to monitor and control fan operation, a precise amount of ventilation can be provided. Allows continuous operation of the fan for up to 60 minutes after the light switch is turned off.

DHS 05 Humidity sensor and fan control

The sensor helps reduce energy usage by automatically operating the fan only when needed to control excess humidity. The DHS05 is compatible with bath fans rated at 120W and fan/light combinations with the single switched load.

The sensor can replace a single pole switch and can be used with most bathroom or ventilation fans or fan/light combinations. It is designed to fit within a standard wall box and requires a neutral wire for operation. Wall plate/Faceplate is not included.

Bath fan Mode:

This mode of operation features three different types of functionalities to activate the ventilation system on (Automatic, Manual, and Bypass). The automatic feature is best used for bathrooms where significant changes in humidity can occur. For immediate ventilation needs, the user can manually switch the fan ON or OFF by pressing the fan icon. The fan will run for the selected time and automatically turns OFF (time out period can be adjusted). If humidity levels change, the sensor will shift into automatic mode and time out accordingly.

Air Cycle Mode:

The Air Cycle mode automatically turns ON a ventilation fan for a set period of time and repeats the cycle hourly (for example, 20 minutes ON/40 minutes OFF each hour). The Air Cycle settings can be overridden manually by pressing the fan ON button. This feature may be used in areas requiring periodic ventilation on a continuous basis (to meet ASHRAE 62.2) such as basements or public restrooms.

Humidistat mode:

The sensor will automatically turn the fan ON upon detecting excess humidity. The sensor will continue to monitor the ambient air and automatically turn the fan OFF when the humidity level has dropped. Timer settings can be selected to 10-, 20-, 30-, or 45-minute levels.