Fan Controls

Accessories that help achieve energy savings by controlling on demand

We offer controls designed for all inline duct fans:

  • Speed controls

  • Electronic timers

  • Thermostats

  • Switches

  • Dehumidistats

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EC-10V Speed Control

The EC-10V potentiometer infinitely controls the fan speed of inline duct fans such as FG.. EC, FKD.. EC, prioAIR.. EC via a stepless control signal by adjusting the rotary knob.

Supply voltage: 10V DC.

Output voltage: 0V (OFF) to 10V (FULL SPEED).

The EC-10V is shipped without a décor plate. The décor plate is standard.

WC / RPE Speed Control

WC and RPE are heavy-duty rotary-type variable speed controllers with an ON/OFF switch.

Supply voltage: 120V/1~ (230V/1~)

Output voltage: varies

Amperage: 5A, 10A, 15A (120V) and 10A (230V)

Brushed aluminum switch plate and screws are included.

FD60EM Electronic timer

The electronic push button timer switch for 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes timed operation of an exhaust fan.

It provides convenient timed control of bathroom fan exhaust in residential and light commercial applications.

The timer allows users to press and hold the top button to initiate override or press and hold two buttons to convert the 60-minute timer into other available time intervals.

The timer fits a standard single gang box.

FTD7 7-day digital timer

The FTD7 timer is designed for multi-setting operation. There are 8 possible “on/off” preprogrammed combinations.

For security purposes, the timer has an additional feature that allows for a random variation of 2 to 32 minutes for each “on” and “off” time from the actual time programmed.

The timer incorporates an LCD (liquid crystal display) to accurately display the time of day in an AM/PM format.

The timer plugs into a standard receptacle.

IPF05 Fan Speed Control

The IPF05 speed control features a low-profile fluid slide bar movement for fine adjustment of fan speeds.

Easy-to-use ON/OFF preset switch controls the fan without disturbing your favorite pre-selected settings.

Built-in LED locator light illuminates when the load is off.

Designed for both single-pole (one-location) and 3-way (multi-location) applications. RFI noise suppression.

Ivory and Light Almond color change kits are included.

IPF05 was sold as 6637-PW in the past.


The PT6 is designed to efficiently decrease attic heat and moisture, triggered by temperature changes.

  • Adjustable temperature range: 60°–120° F (16°–49° C)

  • Galvanized steel housing

  • Wired for fast and easy installation

  • 15 amps

  • UL listed

This not only ensures a stable temperature in the attic space but also enhances the overall performance of the forced air system.

Recommended setting of 95°F (35°C).